Convertible Diaper Bags

Convertible Diaper Bags | Discover Easy to Use Diaper Bags

A convertible diaper bag can change your whole routine and make outings with your baby easier. Using a bag that’s convertible gives you the space that comes with a tote and the convenience that comes with a backpack all in one, convenient bag!

Convertible Bags: The Best of Both (or More) Worlds

When you use a convertible version of a diaper bag, you get the best of both worlds. In fact, you sometimes get the best of many different worlds! Converting your bag is easy and it allows you to adjust your bag to fit any situation. Using a convertible diaper bag gives you the freedom to choose a bag to fit your mood, style, and even your destination. The variety of ways you can carry the bag makes convertible options attractive for most parents. They’re especially useful for parents who have a lot of things and not a lot of free hands!

Many convertible diaper bags come with long diaper bag shoulder straps that clip into different places on the page allowing you to switch from a messenger style to a backpack style and back again! These straps make transforming your bag from a messenger to backpack (or vice versa!) quick and easy.

As an added feature, the mommy pocket on the outside of many of our JuJuBe diaper bags gives you a place to store your keys, your wallet, and other items separate from your baby essentials. This keeps your baby items clean (or your personal items clean!) while making it easy for you to get what you need out of the convertible bag. No more rummaging around here!

Blue, JuJuBe Helix convertible messenger bag

Benefits of a Messenger

Parents who use messenger diaper bags find they have a lot of space while not sacrificing any style. You can stylishly sling a messenger bag across your body without looking like you’re about to take off on your next big backpacking adventure. Messenger bags can help accessorize an outfit and are great for parents who don’t want to bear the weight of a single convertible diaper bag strap on their shoulders.

With a messenger bag, you’ll always be able to find the things you need. JuJuBe’s messenger bags, like our JuJuBe HoboBe collection, come with organizational options that can be used with additional organizers (like handy diaper bag pouches!) to make sure everything has its own space in the bag. When you’re ready to head on an outing with baby, you just have to grab your convertible diaper bag and go!

Messenger bags are also great for both men and women and come in many different styles to match your outfits. Using a convertible bag as a messenger bag is a great option for people who want the convenience of a backpack, the ability to easily access their items, and a stylish look. A triple threat!

Mom holds smiling child

Benefits of a Backpack

Many parents choose to use a backpack diaper bag as their main bag. Backpacks are a classic option, give you the freedom of both your hands and easily keep all the items you need safely tucked inside. Many backpacks have more space than traditional tote models and, since you’re carrying it on your back, can carry even heavier loads.

The double straps on a convertible backpack diaper bag create even weight distribution and don’t lead to as much fatigue for parents who have a lot of walking to do or who will be carrying the bag for a long time. Hands-free is always a plus for parents!

One of the biggest benefits that come from using a convertible bag is that it gives bags the ability to attach it to a stroller. With a stroller strap attachment, you can clip your bag to your stroller for easy, hands-free transportation all the time! In addition to being easily attached to a stroller, a convertible diaper bag should easily slide into the bottom compartment of most standard strollers so you won’t have to worry about carrying it on your back the entire time.

A Bag to Use Anywhere

Using a convertible diaper bag won’t solve all your problems, but it can make going out with your baby easier! A diaper bag that’s convertible is easy to change to meet your needs. A bag that’s convertible is also especially useful in situations where you can’t take a backpack in. If your bag is convertible, you can simply switch it from a backpack style to a messenger or tote bag!

Do all these benefits sound great to you? If you’re ready to switch to a convertible bag, shop our wide range of diaper bags today to find a bag that fits your needs!