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"Pay! Pay!" Planes!

Plane. That is the new word around here. Every time the boy goes outside, he points his chubby little finger to the sky and says, "Pay! Pay!" This, of course, is baby for "plane". He is seriously obsessed with a little book that we got from Chick-fil-A that shares a story of a little boy who flies on an airplane. This boy loves planes.

I remember my first flight. I flew from Dallas to Los Angeles with my aunt. I thought I was the absolute coolest 9-year-old girl in the world. I was decked out in my one piece, silk jumper. My bangs were curled into the perfect tunnel and my platform tennis shoes were on point. Get ready for this - the scrunchie around my wrist matched my jumper and my shoes. I looked amazing. I even had a new deck of cards to keep me entertained on the flight. I was so excited to get on that airplane.

So much has changed since my first flight. I still look just as incredible, only I am not a fan of flying, anymore. Traveling isn't my favorite thing. Porter makes everything better, but everything harder at the same time. Airports are insane and flying with a toddler takes the insanity level up higher than I even knew was possible! Part of the problem with traveling is that Porter requires so. much. stuff. He needs food, water, milk, toys, books, electronics, diapers, wipes, cream, tissues, hand sanitizer, a change of clothes, his bunny, his blanket, and a few back-up pacifiers. I thought I was high maintenance!

We flew to Philadelphia over New Year's. I am so glad that he had his Mini Be to keep everything he needed in one, safe place! He looked so grown up carrying it on his back all by himself! My heart almost exploded watching him walk around the airport with his own backpack like a pint-sized man. I stored everything he needed in that little backpack. I was glad to have his bunny and blanket packed safely away while he was rolling around on the dirty, disgusting airport floor. Thank the heavens that his Mini Be is washable.

Overall, he did great on the airplane! The Mini Be was like a magic bag that produced the perfect toy or item to keep him distracted. His iPad was a clear favorite. Surprisingly, he spent a solid 30 minutes reading the instructions on how to stay safe in case of an emergency. I was daydreaming during that spiel, so I was glad that he knew what to do! He's so responsible. He is so adorable. He is such a disaster. My new goal for 2017 - no flying with Porter!