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Secrets Stashed in the Mommy Pocket

The playground is one of the best places in the world for a toddler, but even better for a mom! I frequent the playground at least once a day to let my son get his wiggles out and for me to catch some sanity. The best is when my group of mom-friends joins me and we can pretend that we are somewhere exotic together, dressed to the nines, rather than on a park bench in our stretchy pants. I seriously love my group of mom-friends and their little monsters, too.

Snackies are what I'm best known for amongst the toddlers I spend most of my time with during the week. My group of girlfriends and I pass the time chatting at the park while we watch our little ones play on the playground, eat dirt, and rummage through my Ju-Ju-Be BFF for snackies. All of my mom friends pack plenty of snacks for their kids, but there is something about my snacks that draws the babies in. Maybe it's because I've got the good stuff - salty and sweet and always an unlimited supply. It could be that the plastic bags I pack them in are fun to open and close. The real reason my snacks are so popular is that they are easily accessible. I load up my side pocket (where the changing pad goes) full of crackers, fruit snacks, pretzels, and a bag of fruit. Let’s be honest, the fruit is usually the only thing left by the end of playgroup!

My Ju-Ju-Be BFF has become a symbol for food to these monster-toddlers. They've named the bag Snackies and therefore, I have to be fully prepared when I leave the house with a stash of goodies for the babes. Lots of snacks + 4 toddlers = crumbs everywhere! I can inconspicuously brush the mess out of the crumb drains, so I have a clean bag and feed the birds all at the same time. So many mom wins!

When they aren't looking, I unzip my mommy pocket and pull out the dark chocolate for a little snackie for the mommies. There are so many different pockets and compartments in that mommy-pocket, which makes hiding the chocolate from the babies too easy! Sometimes I feel bad about being so sneaky with the candy, but it's my duty as an adult to keep them from forming bad habits, right?

What do you stash in your mommy-pocket?