ju-ju-be craftsmanship

We take great care in designing and crafting our bags to ensure that they are of the highest quality possible. The factory that produces our bags also put out high-end bags for some of the most well-known designers in the fashion industry. Each bag is meticulously crafted and rigorously inspected to ensure that it meets our high standards. We want our bags to be your favorites for life!

we believe

Fashion and function are not mutually exclusive. In addition to being exquisitely crafted and fashion-forward, our bags are also durable and intuitively practical.

Every Stitch Matters

Our bags are made with acute attention to detail, from the overall appearance of the bag right down to the tiniest stitch.

Machine Washable – When your bag gets dirty (and it will!), simply toss it in the wash and air dry. Mommy Pockets – You can’t put a price on keeping your stuff separate from baby’s for easy access. Reinforced Where It Matters – All stitching in high-stress areas is reinforced for added durability and strength.

Made to fit real life

We take into account the needs and preferences of real moms and dads, just like you, to ensure our bags are as smart as they are stylish.

Timeless or Trendy

With so many styles, colors and patterns to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect Ju-Ju-Be bag to suit your personal style, whether you are a fashionista or classically glamorous.

Even More to Love

Lifetime Warranty

All of our bags come with a lifetime warranty, so you can have confidence that you are getting a piece that will stand the test of time.

Awards & Recognition

We have achieved more than 15 awards over the years, thanks to our meticulous craftsmanship and focus on function.

Ju-Ju-Be Cares

We are proud to donate a portion of the proceeds from every bag sold to fund breast cancer awareness and research centers.

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